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  Code Enforcement Office - Village

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  Hours of Operation: Monday –Thursday  7am – 12:30 pm ... 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

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  Code Enforcement Officer:                 Mike Wheelock

   Telephone: (607) 656-4191 extension 214            Town of Greene
   Fax: (607) 656-7472                                                    51 Genesee St.
                                                                                           Greene, NY 13778

 Downloads Available:


  * Building Permit Application (Town and Village)
  * Septic Permit Application (Town)
  *Site Plan Review Application (Town Planning Board)

  * Short  Environmental Assessment Form
  * Village Sign Application

  * Fee Schedule

NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS and HOMEOWNERS:  As of July 1st, 2010, New York State now requires a building permit for roofs including re-roofing.  (Small areas of a roof can be repaired without a permit.)  The Town and Village Boards have agreed on a minimal permit fee of $25.00.  Permits can be obtained at the Code office shown above - you can also print one off by clicking on the Building Permit Application form above.  

Questions regarding the requirements to obtain a building permit for roof replacement:  According to Appendix J of The Residential Code of NYS, re-roofing is classified as a level 1 alteration.  Likewise, chapter 3 of the Existing Building Code states that level 1 alterations include the removal and replacement or the covering of existing materials, elements, equipment or fixtures using new materials, elements, equipment or fixtures that serve the same purpose.  That definition would apply to a new roof covering whether or not the old roof is removed.  Therefore, a building permit is required.

When do I need a building permit?
A building permit is required for all structures, alterations and demolitions, this includes but is not limited to: new construction, alterations, placement of new structures, movement of existing buildings, storage structures for all hazardous materials, conversions, occupancy changes, electrical alterations, heating systems, gas appliances for heating or decorative use, solid fuel burning appliances, chimney or flue additions or alterations, structural alterations, changes to fire safety and/or life safety features. If in doubt, contact Ordinance Office.

This permit is good for one year from date of issue.  If your project is not completed, you may extend the permit by submitting one-half of the permit cost (paid by check made out to the Greene Town Clerk and be sure to reference your building permit number).

When do I need a sign permit?
A sign permit is required for all signs in the Village, or any signs over ten (10) square feet in the Town.

What is required for a building permit?
Building plans stamped by a professional architect and/or engineer are required for all major construction projects. Acceptance of plans for any project is determined by quality of submitted documents. Contact Ordinance office if in doubt.

  1. A site plan - this shows the location of the building with regards to the front, side and rear property lines, and dimensions of the new structure. 
  2. Floor plan of the interior - Drawing(s) of the floor layout(s).
  3. Elevations: front, side, and rear views depicting the project 
    as completed. 
  4. Cross Sections - Structural details.
  5. Plumbing / Electrical plans.
  6. Health Department Plans and approvals. (When applicable)
  7. Energy Audit- (When applicable)
  8. Storm Water Management Plan. (When applicable)

Does the Town allow mobile homes?

Does the Town allow modular homes?

How many different Zoning or Special Districts are there in the Town of Greene?
There is zoning in the Village of Greene but there is no zoning law for the Town of Greene at this time. Please contact the Ordinance office for details.

The Town of Greene Planning Board consists of 7 members each with a 7 year term of office. The members are:

  • Vancant, Chairperson
  • Tim Conner
  • Michelle Day
  • George Sobierajski
  • Nancy Nowalk
  • Phil Mirabito
  • Matt Curtis

The Planning Board meets on the forth Monday, of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Board Room, 51 Genesee Street, Greene, New York.

Required submissions are listed on the application.
Submissions required at least two weeks prior to the initial meeting. 
Application forms are available at the Town Hall from the Code Enforcement Officer along with the fee schedule.

When do I require assistance from the Planning Board?
In the Town, when any change of land use occurs, subdivisions, and proposed mobile home parks. In the Village, review of any ordinance or zoning as stated in the Code of the Village of Greene.