Town Planning Board
The Town of Greene Planning Board consists of 7 members each with a 7 year term of office. The members are:

  • Vacant, Chairperson
  • Tim Conner
  • Michelle Day
  • George Sobierajski
  • Nancy Nowalk
  • Phil Mirabito
  • Matt Curtis

The Planning Board meets on the fourth Monday, of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Board Room, 51 Genesee Street, Greene, New York.

Required submissions are listed on the application. Submissions required at least two weeks prior to the initial meeting. 
Application forms are available at the Town Hall from the Code Enforcement Officer along with the fee schedule.

When do I require assistance from the Planning Board?
In the Town, when any change of land use occurs, subdivisions, and proposed mobile home parks. In the Village, review of any ordinance or zoning as stated in the Code of the Village of Greene.