Police Department

Officer in Charge:

 Jeffrey Messina



 Mary Jane Alger




FAX: 656-4974

                Full-Time Officer: Jeff Messina,OIC  

Part-Time Officers:

Bret Bowen

Donald Brown


Samuel Stratton

Dominick Commesso


Located at:  49 Genesee St.

The Village of Greene Police Department was officially founded in 1967 with the appointment of its first full-time officer. That officer, who was Greene's first chief of police, was Morris "Moe" Eccleston. Moe served as Village of Greene police chief from 1967 until 1981, when he left to become the sheriff of Chenango County, where he would serve until 1991 before retiring.

Upon Moe's departure from the Greene Police Department, Chief Timothy Hagen served in the Village's top spot until 1983, when he left to become a New York State trooper.

In 1984, the Greene Police Department was run by Chief William Blake, who served from 1984 until his death in 1994. Chief Blake, during his tenure, also created a second full-time night patrolman position, which at the time was held by patrolman Edward Hitt, who had transferred from the Walton Police Department. Edward Hitt was promoted to Chief of Police in 1994, following the death of William Blake. Chief Hltt served the village until his death in 2004.

Chief of Police, Steven Dutcher, took the helm in 2004 after serving as the full-time night patrolman under Hitt for two years. In 2014 he resigned. Donald Brown, life long resident of Greene and retired NYS Trooper became the Officer in Charge. In October of 2015 Jeffrey Messina took over as Officer in Charge. Jeffrey had 9 years previous experience with the Chenango County Sheriff's Department.

The police station is located in the Village Offices at 49 Genesee Street, Greene,NY. The New York State Police operate a sub station from the same location. In the event you need assitance and no one is in the station use the yellow call box at entrance door.


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Assisting Other Police Agencies

As with any other Police Department, the Greene Police have in the past, and continue to, assist other police agencies in Vehicle traffic stops and searching for lost persons. 


It is our Goal at the Greene Police department to serve our community and the agencies that request our assistance.
Please feel free to contact our Police Department at Greenepolice@yahoo.com