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Village Of Greene Electric Department: History

A private electric company was formed in 1891 in the basement of the old Chenango House.  One year later a plant was built. In 1893 the streets on both sides of the river were lit with electricity.  In 1903 the Village of Greene purchased this plant and built a new plant on Cherry Street, this original building is still part of our electric plant.  In 1954 a larger sub-station was built next to the original 1903 plant.  This sub-station was named after Superintendent Clifford Amell who was Superintendent from 1969 to 1983.  Cliff was succeeded, as Superintendent by Harvey Stalker, then Gary McLean, then Larri Leet and our current Superintendent is Jeffery Livingston.   A second sub-station on Wheeler Street was named after Roland Burnap who was the first Electric Superintendent from 1938 to 1969.  In 2007 The Burnap substation had a 1.3 million upgrade and was re-named Burnap/Greene sub-station in honor of Superintendent Burnap and 36-year veteran Village Trustee Robert Greene.  Today we supply 1250 homes and businesses with electricity up to 4800 KW in the summer and 9600KW in the winter per day with an annual budget of 1.7 million.  Our electric rate is a value not found in many other villages, towns or cities, we offer superior service at reasonable cost to our customers.


Village Of Greene Water Department: History

The Village of Greene Municipal water system was formed in 1903.  The original water source was from springs 7 miles north of Greene on Harbor Road.  The water line is a gravity feed line, which was dug by hand in 1903, also constructed at that time was a  300,000 gallon storage reservoir.  Our first additional water source was a well with a 20 horse power motor that was developed in 1905, our second water well was found in 1951   with a 40 horse power motor, our third and biggest well was developed with a 60 horse power motor in 1999.   All three wells are approximately 150-180 feet deep.  In 1999 the springs were abandoned due to New York State Health Department restrictions making the Village’s water supply only from the existing 3 wells.   In 1970 a new 600,000 gallon water storage tank was built giving us a total water storage capacity of 900,000 gallons. Today the village water system supplies 266,000 gallons of water per day to over 2000 residents.  We are happy to offer one of the best tasting water in New York State, in 2002 we entered Chenango County’s Water Tasting Contest and won. We offer this at a reasonable price to our customers.  Our working supervisors of Public Works are Bruce Kinney and Steve Ingraham.


Village Of Greene Wastewater Department: History

Our present wastewater treatment plant was built in 1968 and operational in 1970.  During that construction the Village sewer lines were laid and every house in the Village was connected.  Until this time most of the Village waste was being dumped into the Chenango River.  One of the earliest lines was a private line built in 1886 with others following in 1892 and 1893.   During the past 30 years we have maintained and up-graded our plant to be as efficient as possible. 


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